Scotia Bank

So toady at 3 am I strolled (well long boarded actually) over to the metro near my house, to buy me some delicious snacks :3 and it turns out as I whipped out my bank card to make my purchase my card said “denied limit reached”. Now….. here is my reaction WTFFFFFFF WHO THE…. I DON”T EVEN. DAAAAAA FUQQQQQQ!!!! So I told the kind old lady that I would be right back and get this all sorted out, called my bank up like hella fast and was like wtffff did yall do… I’m trying to buy some fucking food and now I can’t and just what the hell mang… Turns out some place were I made a transaction they seemed a little sketchy and scotia was like oh hell naw /block my card, /save my monayyy, /yay for me! Went over to scotia this morning got myself a new card FUCK YEAH FOR SCOTIA! BITCHES GOT MY BACK.